[Group of Items Relating to the Broadside Publication of "You Can't Grip Years ..."].

Shadingfield, Highlands, New Haven, etc. 1971 - 1977. Five items (plus envelope), as below. Octavo, narrow folio and quarto. Folds for mailing, very good to fine. Item #WRCLIT74817

An interesting file of items relating to the April 1976 publication of Bunting's poem at the Sterling Memorial Library's Bibliographical Press in New Haven (100 numbered, signed copies, plus o.s. copies) all addressed to Yale Librarian, John Harrison, then a principal behind the Press' activities. The lot commences with a t.l.s., 20 January 1976, from Jonathan Williams, 1/3 page on Jargon letterhead, relating to the arrangements for Bunting to appear at Yale during his proposed spring tour. This is followed by a 7 March 1976 t.l.s. from Bunting, on personal letterhead, to Harrison, reading in part: "It seems to me that the poem I enclose is the least unfitted of my making to be set up as a broadsheet. It has been printed more than once in magazines, but I have nothing new at all to offer you. I am not fond of broadsheets and posters, but since you find it necessary to raise fund, go ahead. Yours faithfully B Bunting." Accompanying the letter is single sheet unidentified uncorrected rough proof printing of the poem, signed in ink by Bunting and dated 1971. The proof exhibits at least one typo (corrected in ink by Bunting) and some setting irregularities. It is set in sans serif type, thus perhaps distinguishing it from the poem's appearance in the Autumn/Winter Pound issue of AGENDA. The lot concludes with a [2 June] 1977 t.l.s. from Jonathan Williams, discussing a number of things, but also acknowledging receipt of some copies of the broadside ("...Looks good and that paper was obviously a great temptation to print on. Only wish there had been room for the woodblock. I liked it ... I kept #1, greedily, and #s 11 through 19..."). Accompanied by Harrison's own retained copy (which is also clearly denoted as copy #1), and like all copies we have handled, it does include one woodcut.

Price: $600.00