Draguignan, France: The Melissa Press, [nd. but ca. 1961]. Original loose sheets in printed wrappers. Slight soiling, but a very good copy. Item #WRCLIT64069

First separate and first complete edition (a shorter version was published as an Introduction to R.S. Magowan's ROME: A BOOK OF PHOTOGRAPHS in 1960). A presentation copy, inscribed on the title-page: "John Greenwood from Richard Aldington 1962." With manuscript alterations, deletions, underscores (of words that should have been italicized) and revisions in ink throughout the text, many identifiable (and most likely all) in Aldington's hand. The poor production of this pamphlet annoyed Aldington who described the printer's mistakes in a letter to Lawrence Durrell: "About three quarters of the way through the little thing he suddenly changes to a larger type, and in 20 pages contrives to produce more than 20 misprints and blunders. . . . What with all this and incompetent inking he has contrived to turn out a piece of work so slipshod and amateurish that a child would be ashamed of it. . . ." While we have handled other copies with scattered corrections by Aldington, this copy is somewhat more extensively gone over than those.

Price: $450.00