[Original Inscribed Portrait Photograph].

Hollywood. [image ca. 1920s, but inscribed in] January 1942. Original 8 x 10" sepia-toned print. Very good. Item #WRCLIT52396

Likely a publicity portrait, quarter-length right profile, the image showing signs of having been heavily doctored in the negative in the background areas. After a false start in a darker portion of the image, inscribed in black ink by Dreiser in the lower right corner, into the lower margin: "Here's looking at you Helen - with love and admiration from TD Hollywood - Jan - 1942." The image is recorded in the very useful illustrated online calendar of Dreiser photos in the archive at UPenn, and there identified as "1920s, At the Roses, Los Angeles, California." Three letters (two 'v's and an 'o') in the inscription are closed with ink blotches made in the course of the inscription. We presume the recipient of the inscription was a 'Helen' other than Helen Richardson.

Price: $250.00