[Denver?]: Author’s Edition, 1889. 37pp. plus plate and folding map, 24 3/4 x 17 1/2 inches. Original printed front wrapper and modern matching rear wrapper bound into modern Gaylord-style stiff paper boards with cloth backstrip. Front wrapper chipped at edges and backed by matching modern paper. First text leaf reinforced at foredge by tape. Map with small splits at three cross- folds. Very good. Item #WRCAM62441

Separately printed “Author’s Edition” of a report by Albert Allmond Blow, which originally appeared in the TRANSACTIONS OF THE AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF MINING ENGINEERS. Albert Blow, manager and later owner of the Silver Cord Mining Company in Leadville, Colorado describes the geologic strata of Iron Hill in Leadville and the numerous chutes dug into it for extracting ore. Blow provides a general geologic description of Iron Hill, which was of “the greatest importance and interest” among the seven mining districts of Leadville, as well as details regarding the geology and mining of Iron Hill, including: the exact placement of the chutes for extracting ore in relation to geologic dyke porphyries (sheets of rock that form in a fracture of a pre-existing rock body) faults and the topography of Iron Hill; a detailed description of eight major ore chutes located on Iron Hill and a description of the ore deposits found there. The paper also provides evidence to refute Emmons’ 1886 theory that the ore deposits of Iron Hill were deposited by “substitution and replacement of the limestone by mineral bearing waters” coming from above, and instead postulates that the metallic mineral deposits were “coming from below” and were formed “from hot metal-bearing solutions and vapors, which...were forced up with their mineral contents from the deep in a similar manner to dyke porphyries, with which they are...intimately associated.” This important paper provided contemporary miners and mine managers with vital information on potential chute placement and possible locations of new ore deposits. The full-page plate is a view of Iron Hill. The folding map, entitled “Map Showing the Oreg Chutes of Iron Hill,” is dated June 1889 and was created by Blow. Done on a scale of 200 feet to the inch, it is incredibly detailed and shows and names a number of chutes and shafts all over Iron Hill.

A groundbreaking scientific paper on ore deposits in Leadville, Colorado, with a map apparently made for this “Author’s Edition.” OCLC locates only three copies of this uncommon “Author’s Edition” of Blow’s report, at the Huntington Library, and two in France.
WYNAR 2604. OCLC 835328138, 81540112. Samuel Franklin Emmons, GEOLOGY AND MINING INDUSTRY OF LEADVILLE, COLORADO, WITH ATLAS (Washington D.C.: United States Geologic Survey, 1886). “Albert Allmond Blow” in ENGINEERING AND MINING JOURNAL, Vol. 105, No. 3, Jan. 19, 1918, pp.152-53.

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