[N.p., perhaps Augusta, Me. ca. October, 1863]. Broadside, 11 1/4 x 7 3/4 inches. Old folds, moderate mat burn, minor edge wear and toning. Very short fold separations, short tissue repairs along top and bottom edges. Overall very good. Item #WRCAM56326

A decidedly-rare anti-Copperhead campaign broadside from Maine for the gubernatorial election of 1864, but with larger political implications, calling for the citizens of the state to stand against the Copperhead movement and those who "tell you it is a very easy matter to 'compromise with our misguided Southern brethren.'" This broadside prints the proposed Confederate terms of peace as they appeared in the October 16, 1863 issue of the RICHMOND ENQUIRER. The producers of this broadside likely hoped that the demands would outrage Northern voters. The Republican Party rightly feared that a war- weary North might not re-elect Abraham Lincoln to a second term in November, 1864. Messages such as this one, intended to be posted up in public spaces, sought to counter the growing anti-war sentiment. The text of the broadside begins, "Citizens of Maine! The Copperhead Politicians of our State are crying out for 'peace on any terms,' and they tell you it is a very easy matter to 'compromise with our misguided Southern brethren.'" Residents are invited to read the proposed peace terms offered by the Confederates, the first of which called for recognition of "the Independence of the Confederate States." Below the terms, the text continues to rail against the "Copperhead politicians of our State" who would seek "the destruction of the Union" by accepting such terms, and by giving up Maryland, Kentucky, and Missouri, surrendering a large portion of the Navy, forfeiting massive amounts of territory, and forgiving the Confederate war debt. The penultimate line calls for supporters of the Union to vote for Samuel Cony, the Republican candidate for governor of Maine. The last line invites Copperheads to vote for Joseph Howard, "the candidate of those who are willing to accept Peace on the terms dictated by Jefferson Davis." The Republican Cony won the gubernatorial election, and President Lincoln carried Maine in 1864 with fifty-nine percent of the vote, some 20,000 more than Democratic candidate George McClellan. No copies in OCLC.

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Rallying Maine Voters to Support Lincoln and Republicans in 1864