[Various places in Vietnam. ca. 1968-1972]. 145 photographs (all but thirteen in color), most approximately 3 1/2 x 3 1/2 inches. Majority of photographs mounted on black paper stock with non-archival adhesive tape, some photos retain remnants of tape at corners. Some images a bit faded, but generally in very good condition. Item #WRCAM55575

A tremendous collection of photographs depicting the personal life and military service of an unidentified African-American soldier with the last name "Williams" serving in Vietnam during the war and with numerous family photographs at home. The majority of the photographs are undated, but those that are dated place the collection roughly between 1968 and 1972. Other identifying characteristics in the photographs indicate that the soldier was likely part of the United States Air Force, 93rd Security Police Squadron, which provided security and air base defense during the Vietnam War. There is a photograph of Williams leaning against the sign for the 93rd SPS dormitory.

Notable in the sixty or more photographs from the soldier's time in Vietnam are images from an unidentified American Air Force base depicting soldiers in the barracks, a mess hall, and fraternization among soldiers; additional photographs show a heavily-armed Williams manning a bunker, holding an EBONY magazine, posing with a South Vietnamese soldier in an urban setting, and staring strikingly at the camera wearing machine gun ammunition and a hand grenade. A series of thirteen images were taken at "Le Van Loc," a popular Vietnamese night club located on the Tan Son Nhut Air Base, near Saigon, indicating Williams may have been stationed at or near that base. Personal photographs show individuals of varying ages, presumably family members, who appear alone or in groups, and at times are photographed with Williams. Several of these photographs feature children, presumably Williams', at home and at an Elmhurst School function. Williams seems to have been especially proud of his motorcycle, as it features in a few shots.

A collection of both service and family photographs capturing a young African- American serviceman during the Vietnam War.

Price: $1,500.00