New York: Underwood & Underwood, 1908. 64pp. plus two maps (one folding) and eighteen stereoviews on captioned stiff mounts. Narrow 12mo. Original brown cloth, gilt. Lightly shelfworn. Folding map with slight wear and a small closed tear along the left edge. Very good, with the stereoviews in fine condition. In original cloth chemise and slipcase. Item #WRCAM55045

A wonderful collection of Grand Canyon scenes, including a charming snapshot of a weather-beaten Thomas Moran, the noted western American artist, sketching from an outcropping high above the canyon. The cards are captioned as follows:

1) "A Wonder to the primitive inhabitants - Santa Fe Train crossing Canon Diablo Arizona."

2) "From Red to San Francisco Mountain - a woody wilderness in Arizona."

3) "Blown asunder by volcanic energies - Red Mountain, an extinct volcano, northwestern Arizona."

4) "Labyrinthine ways through the lava ash formation, Red Mountain Crater, Arizona."

5) "'The sinuous Colorado, yellow as the Tiber."

6) "Among the Buttes, Red Canon Trail."

7) "Fathoming the depth of a vanished sea - Grand Canon of Arizona from Hance's Cove."

8) "Descending into Grand View Trail by a short, steep mining path."

9) "Dendritic stalagmites in a limestone cave."

10) "Angels' Gateway and Newberry Terrace from Cottonwood Spring."

11) "Beside the Colorado - Looking up to Zoroaster Tower from Pipe Creek."

12) "Down the Granite Gorge of the Colorado (1200 ft. deep) from Pyrites Point."

13) "Prospecting for Gold, Indian Gardens."

14) "Rounding Cape Horn on the Bright Angel Trail."

15) "Thos. Moran, America's great scenic artist, sketching at Bright Angel Cove, Arizona."

16) "'Over all broods a solemn silence,' - sunset at O'Neill's Point."

17) "Overlooking Nature's greatest Amphitheatre-from Rowe's Point."

18) "On the brink, one mile above the river...W. from Rowe's Point."

On the verso of each card is a lengthy description of the relevant image, with the text often taken from other works, mainly by Dellenbaugh and Powell, followed by the card caption translated into several languages, including French, German, Spanish, Swedish, and Cyrillic. Of Thomas Moran the editors write: "The famous man on that rock yonder has done immense service to the world by interpreting the glories of the Canyon to other people's eyes....He has the true artist's eye for magnificence of form and color, and the skill of a trained craftsman in expressing his conception of nature's beauty."

The accompanying booklet, written by Dellenbaugh, includes information on the early exploration of the canyon and offers advice for prospective gold-seekers. The text was first published in 1900, then 1904, and as here in 1908. The first of the two maps is a Grand Canyon tour map, while the folding map of the canyon is keyed by number to a selection of the present stereoscopic cards. Both maps are copyrighted 1904.

An impressive collection of Grand Canyon views.

Price: $850.00