St. Petersburg: Par Ordre de Sa Majesté Impériale, 1824. Engraved titlepage, dedication leaf, and fifteen engraved maps by S. Froloff (six double-page, nine single-page); some plates with more than one map, some with inserts, one with a folding extension, all dated 1824. Modern three-quarter red morocco and cloth boards, ruled and lettered in gilt. Contemporary presentation inscription on front endpaper and scattered contemporary ink annotations. Expertly remargined at plate fore-edges, not affecting map images. Light tanning at edges. Otherwise internally clean. Near fine. Item #WRCAM53040

The very rare first French edition of this great atlas of the South Pacific, the first of its type and one of the most important of all Pacific atlases, with a superb presentation from Krusenstern to Admiral Count Login Hayden. A companion atlas to the North Pacific was published some three years later.

Dedicated to Tsar Alexander, this magnificent atlas by the great Russian explorer and cartographer Krusenstern is a great rarity in either its original edition in Russian or in this first French edition of the same year. The charts are drawn on a large, detailed scale, and represent the first systematic attempt to chart the islands of the Pacific, including a map of the whole of New Zealand and most of the eastern coast of Australia, with a detailed plan of Sydney Harbor. The first chart is a general map of the Southern Pacific, showing discovery dates and including, in this particular copy, some supplementary contemporary handwritten information dated up to 1825. It covers the ocean from Borneo to Cape Horn, showing all of Australia, the Solomon Islands, Polynesia, New Zealand, the Galapagos Islands and the western coast of South America.

Krusenstern compiled these maps from information gathered on his world voyage of 1803-1806 and from earlier and subsequent voyages. "Krusenstern is the Hydrographer of the Pacific....It is difficult to speak in sufficiently high terms of this noble work...Krusenstern...embodied everything that had previously been observed in the Pacific, and in the most masterly manner he has reconciled the discordant materials at his command, and placed its hydrography upon an entirely new basis" - A.G. Findlay, quoted by Forbes. The fifteen maps included are as follows:

1) "Carte Générale de l'Océan Pacifique Hemisphere Austral." Double-page.

2) "Carte de la Nouvelle Guinée du Détroit de Torrès. – Plan de Port Dory." Double-page.

3) "Carte de la Mer du Corail." Double-page.

4) "Carte de la Côte Sud Est de la Nouvelles- Galles Méridionale. – Plan de Port Jackson."

5) "Carte de la Terre de Van Diemen et du Détroit Dd Bass. – Plan du Port Philip."

6) "Carte des Iles de l'Amirauté. – Carte de la Nouvelle Irlande. – Plan du Port Gower."

7) "Carte des Isles de la Nouvelle Bretagne. – Cart de l'Archipel de Santa Cruz. – Plan de l'Anse Byron."

8) "Carte de l'Archipel de la Louisiade. – Carte de l'Archipel de Mendana. – Plan du Port Chichagoff."

9) "Carte Systematique de l'Archipel des Isles de Salomon. – Plan de la Baie Choiseul. – Plan du Port Praslin." Double-page.

10) "Carte de l'Archipel des Nouvles. Hebrides. – Plan du Port de la Resolution."

11) "Carte de la Nouvelle Caledonie. – Plan du Port St. Vincent."

12) "Carte de la Nle. Zélande, et du Détroit de Cook. – Carte du Détroit du Cook. – Plan de la Baie Dusky." Double-page, with folding addition.

13) "Carte de l'Archipel des Isles des Amis. – Carte de l'Archipel des Isles de la Societé. – Plan de la Baie Matavai."

14) "Carte de l'Archipel des Isles Fidgi. – Esquisse de Sandal Wood Bay. – Carte de la Isles des Navigateurs. – Plan de l'Anse du Massacre."

15) "Carte de l'Archipel des Isles Basses." Double-page.

The "Carte de la Mer Corail" is dedicated to Matthew Flinders, and indeed the "Carte Générale" bears the name "Australia," which was the name championed by Flinders and which appeared on his map of Australia published ten years earlier. Despite its importance to the cartographic history of Australia, the bibliographer Ferguson did not know of the Russian nor French editions of the atlas until he had started work on the second volume of his BIBLIOGRAPHY, where in the addenda to Volume I, he describes only a French reissue of 1835, which he could cite only from an entry in a London bookseller's catalogue of 1940: "This atlas, the first attempt at a Systematic Cartographical representation of the islands of the Pacific, is of the greatest rarity. The charts are drawn on a large scale and give far more detail than those of Arrowsmith and Admiral Espinosa..." (Ferguson 1130a). Only in the 1986 volume of ADDENDA is reference finally made to this first French edition (972a; still with no copy seen). Phillips and Lada- Morcarski likewise do not note this edition.

This copy contains a presentation inscription from Krusenstern to the Admiral Login Hayden, the victor at the Battle of Navarino and the future military governor of Kronstadt and Reval-Tallinn. Hayden was Dutch but offered his services to Catherine the Great in 1795, the last year of her reign, and by 1826 commanded the Russian fleet in the Mediterranean. In 1827, he defeated the Turko-Egyptian fleet at Navarino during the Greek War of Independence, and was later made Admiral and military governor by Nicholas I along the Baltic Sea.

An excellent copy of an extremely rare atlas, with an outstanding association.

Price: $65,000.00