New Haven: William Reese Company, 2016. viii,236pp. 100 color illustrations. Cloth, stamped in gilt. New. Item #WRCAM52474

A guide to the most significant printed works on the era of the American Revolution, discussing publications from the first Peace of Paris at the end of the French and Indian War, to the second Peace of Paris and the end of the wars of the American Revolution, in 1783. The one hundred entries were selected on the basis of their historical importance, their impact at the time of publication, their representative nature in the spectrum of writings about the Revolution, and their interest to collectors. While all are topical to the twenty years leading up to and including the war itself, about a quarter of the items were published later, up to 1861.

Each entry provides commentary on the main entry and discusses related books and materials. Items include treaties, political pamphlets, official acts and laws, printed speeches, prints, atlases, broadsides, proclamations, military manuals, constitutional material, periodical publications on the war, personal narratives, histories, debates, collections of engravings, travel narratives, personal memoirs, and biographies.

The work draws on some forty-five years' experience in the antiquarian book trade. Hopefully it will prove useful to collectors, booksellers, and institutions with collections in the area of the American Revolution.

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