Winnipeg. 1882-1930. Thirty-four pamphlets. Original printed wrappers. A few rear wrappers lacking, some chipping to a few wrappers. Ownership signatures on some front wrappers. Overall, very good. In a tan cloth chemise and slipcase, leather label. Item #WRCAM50559

An excellent collection of Canadian pamphlets relating to the Red River settlement in present-day Manitoba, all published by the Manitoba Historical and Scientific Society. Some issues likely belonged to a colleague, or perhaps a relative of Charles Napier Bell, as the ownership signature of Robert Bell appears on two pamphlets, and Charles Napier Bell has inscribed two of his own publications. The imprints included here are as follows: 1) McArthur, Alexander: THE CAUSES OF THE RISING IN THE RED RIVER SETTLEMENT, 1869-70. Publication No. 1. [Winnipeg. 1882]. 2) Rae, John: THE ARCTIC REGIONS AND HUDSON'S BAY ROUTE. Publication No. 2. [Winnipeg. 1882]. DECKER 46:54. 3) Bryce, George: NOTES AND COMMENTS ON HARMON'S JOURNAL, 1800-1820. Transaction No. 3. Winnipeg. 1883. 4) Burman, W.A.: THE SIOUX LANGUAGE. Publication No. 5. Winnipeg. [1883]. 5) Dennis, William: THE SOURCES OF NORTH-WESTERN HISTORY. Transaction No. 6. [Winnipeg. 1883]. 6) Bryce, George: IN MEMORIAM. LATE A.K. ISBISTER, M.A., L.L.B. HONORARY MEMBER. Transaction No. 2 [i.e. 8]. Winnipeg. 1883. 7) Bryce, George: THE OLD SETTLERS OF RED RIVER. Transaction 19. Winnipeg. 1885. 8) Panton, J. Hoyes: NOTES ON THE GEOLOGY OF SOME ISLANDS IN LAKE WINNIPEG. Transaction No. 20. Winnipeg. 1886. 9) Bryce, George: THE SOURIS COUNTRY. ITS MONUMENTS, MOUNDS, FORTS AND RIVERS. Transaction 24. Winnipeg. 1887. 10) McArthur, Alexander: OUR WINTER BIRDS. Transaction No. 25. Winnipeg. 1887. 11) McCharles, Angus: THE FOOT-STEPS OF TIME IN THE RED RIVER VALLEY, WITH SPECIAL REFERENCE TO THE SALT SPRINGS AND FLOWING WELLS TO BE FOUND IN IT. Transaction No. 27. Winnipeg. 1887. 12) Bell, Charles Napier: SOME RED RIVER SETTLEMENT HISTORY. Transaction No. 29. Winnipeg. 1887. 13) Bryce, George: SKETCH OF THE LIFE OF JOHN TANNER, A FAMOUS MANITOBA SCOUT. A BORDER TYPE. Winnipeg. 1888. 14) Bell, Charles Napier: HENRY'S JOURNAL, COVERING ADVENTURES AND EXPERIENCES IN THE FUR TRADE ON THE RED RIVER, 1799-1801. Transaction No. 31. Winnipeg. 1888. 15) Bell, Charles Napier: CONTINUATION OF HENRY'S JOURNAL, COVERING ADVENTURES AND EXPERIENCES IN THE FUR TRADE ON THE RED RIVER, 1799-1801. Winnipeg. 1889. 16) Macbeth, John: SOCIAL CUSTOMS AND AMUSEMENTS OF THE EARLY DAYS IN RED RIVER SETTLEMENT AND RUPERT'S LAND. Transaction 44. Winnipeg. 1893. 17) Schultz, John: THE OLD CROW WING TRAIL. Transaction No. 45. Winnipeg. 1894. 18) Bryce, George: EARLY DAYS IN WINNIPEG. Transaction No. 46. Winnipeg. 1894. 19) Schultz, John: A FORGOTTEN NORTHERN FORTRESS. Transaction No. 47. Winnipeg. 1894. 20) Bryce, George: WORTHIES OF OLD RED RIVER. Transaction No. 48. Winnipeg. 1896. 21) Bryce, George: THE LAKE OF THE WOODS. ITS HISTORY, GEOLOGY, MINING AND MANUFACTURING. Transaction No. 47 [i.e. 49]. Winnipeg. 1897. 22) MacBeth, R.G.: FARM LIFE IN THE SELKIRK COLONY. Transaction No. 48 [i.e. 50]. Winnipeg. 1897. 23) Bryce, George: SKETCH OF THE LIFE AND DISCOVERIES OF ROBERT CAMPBELL. Transaction No. 52. Winnipeg. 1898. 24) Fonseca, W.G.: ON THE ST. PAUL TRAIL IN THE SIXTIES. Transaction No. 56. Winnipeg. 1900. 25) Bryce, Mrs. George: EARLY RED RIVER CULTURE. Transaction No. 57. Winnipeg. 1901. 26) McLean, W.J.: NOTES AND OBSERVATIONS OF TRAVELS ON THE ATHABASCA AND SLAVE LAKE REGIONS IN 1899. Transaction No. 58. Winnipeg. 1901. 27) Ross, Alexander: LETTERS OF A PIONEER. Edited by George Bryce. Transaction No. 63. Winnipeg. 1903. 28) Bryce, George: TREASURES OF OUR LIBRARY. Transaction No. 64. Winnipeg. 1904. 29) Turner, J.P.: THE MOOSE AND WAPITI OF MANITOBA. A PLEA FOR THEIR PRESERVATION. Transaction No. 69. Winnipeg. 1906. 30) Bell, Charles Napier: THE EARLIEST FUR TRADERS ON THE UPPER RED RIVER AND RED LAKE, MINN. (1793-1810). Transaction No. 1 (New Series). Winnipeg. 1926. 31) Bell, Charles Napier: A PREHISTORIC COPPER HOOK. Transaction No. 2 (New Series). Winnipeg. 1927. 32) Bell, Charles Napier: THE OLD FORTS OF WINNIPEG (1738-1927). Transaction No. 3 (New Series). Winnipeg. 1927. 33) Bell, Charles Napier: THE JOURNAL OF HENRY KELSEY (1691-1692). Transaction No. 4 (New Series). Winnipeg. 1928. 34) Stewart, David A.: EARLY ASSINIBOINE TRADING POSTS OF THE SOURIS-MOUTH GROUP 1785-1832. Transaction No. 5 (New Series). [Winnipeg]. 1930. A rich source of information on the Red River settlement in modern-day Manitoba, and an excellent collection of Canadiana.

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