Fredericksburg. June 26, 1862. 4pp. Folio. Old folds. Tanned, light wear and soiling, several very small holes. Good plus. Item #WRCAM46948

An anti-secession newspaper published in Confederate Virginia by Unionist James W. Hunnicutt. Hunnicutt published his paper until August 1862, when he fled Fredericksburg because of his Union sympathies. How he got away with it as long as he did is remarkable when one reads the contents. This issue includes a report on Rebel cruelty, news of the continued fighting in Charleston, updates on the activities of the Army of the Potomac, and an interesting column outlining twelve ways in which those advocating secession lie just like the devil:

"We have always known, and ever maintained, that the only security the South and Southern institutions had, was contained in the provisions of the Federal Constitution. We indignantly spurn the base imputation, and pronounce it an unmitigated, secession falsehood. The traitors and enemies of the South, are the Secession leaders of the South. Where are the men, who fired up the Southern heart, and precipitated this once glorious, independent, prosperous, and happy country into the present terrible revolution?...Abolitionism and secession combined to effect the overthrow of our government - the downfall of our country - Great God! What a fearful retribution awaits them in the awful future!"

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