[N.p. 1872?]. Broadside, 27 x 14 inches. Old fold lines. Some wear and loss, affecting three letters. Minor soiling. Printed on yellow paper. Manuscript notations on verso. About very good. Item #WRCAM45347

Not what it appears to be. The broadside continues: "Professor is Cook-ed! And ready to emigrate. Boss Tweed gone in his hole and trying to pull the hole in after him. Great rejoicing! The mighty have fallen and Napoleon is dead. Honest me now in office! and the Treasury is safe...." Manuscript notes on the verso suggest that this is an elaborate satire on a contentious school board election in rural North McGregor, Clayton County, Iowa. The note reads: "Mondays election the 'Cook party' was 'scooped out' at North McGregor nearly 3 to 1 (Geo. Keene is 'Boss Tweed'). Show this to Prof. Thompson and save it. The fate of teachers who meddle in local fights." The author also lists the vote count. A quote at the bottom of the sheet is dated 1872, giving an approximate date. Quite striking and perhaps unique.

Price: $500.00