Boston. 1739-1762. Six pamphlets, detailed below. Stitched together in gutter margin with contemporary string. Light soiling. Title and half title of one sermon with some loss at bottom edge, affecting part of imprint. A few contemporary ownership markings. Final leaf of last pamphlet lacking. Still, very good and in unsophisticated original condition. Item #WRCAM45343

Charles Chauncy (1705-87) was the minister of the First Church in Boston for sixty years. He was one of the most influential ministers in New England at the time. Many of his sermons were printed, and he also authored the first account in book form of Braddock's defeat during the French and Indian War. This collection stitches together six of his sermons, spanning just over twenty years, including an interesting work on the missionary efforts among the Mohawk Indians. The contents are as follows: 1) THE HORRID NATURE, AND ENORMOUS GUILT OF MURDER. A SERMON PREACHED AT THE THURSDAY LECTURE IN BOSTON, NOVEMBER 19th, 1754. Boston: Thomas Fleet, 1754. [3]- 24pp. Lacks half title. Sermon preached on the day of the execution of William Wieer for the murder of William Chism. A quite early colonial work on murder. EVANS 7168. ESTC W20478. 2) THE ONLY COMPULSION PROPER TO BE MADE USE OF IN THE AFFAIRS OF CONSCIENCE AND RELIGION. A SERMON PREACH'D AT THE OLD BRICK MEETING-HOUSE IN BOSTON, SEPTEMBER 2d 1739. Boston: J. Draper for J. Edwards, 1739. [4],26pp. EVANS 4349. ESTC W21414. 3) THE BLESSEDNESS OF THE DEAD WHO DIE IN THE LORD. A SERMON PREACHED THE LORD'S DAY AFTER THE FUNERAL OF MRS. ANNA FOXCROFT, THE AMIABLE AND PIOUS CONSORT OF THE REVEREND MR. THOMAS FOXCROFT.... Boston: Rogers and Fowle, 1749. 31pp. Titlepage and half title with some loss, affecting one word of imprint. EVANS 6298. ESTC W2734. 4) MARVELLOUS THINGS DONE BY THE RIGHT HAND AND HOLY ARM OF GOD IN GETTING HIM THE VICTORY. A SERMON PREACHED THE 18th OF JULY, 1745.... Boston: T. Fleet, 1745. 23pp. Sermon preached for the "solemn thanksgiving to almighty God, for the reduction of Cape-Breton by his Majesty's New-England forces, under the command of the honourable William Pepperrell, Esq." There was also a London edition printed the same year. EVANS 5558. ESTC W20721. 5) THE COUNSEL OF TWO CONFEDERATE KINGS TO SET THE SON OF TABEAL ON THE THRONE, REPRESENTED AS EVIL, IN IT'S NATURAL TENDENCY AND MORAL ASPECT. A SERMON OCCASION'D BY THE PRESENT REBELLION IN FAVOUR OF THE PRETENDER. PREACH'D IN BOSTON, AT THE THURSDAY-LECTURE, FEBRUARY 6th. 1745,6. Boston: D. Gookin, 1746. 43pp. EVANS 5752. ESTC W37624. 6) ALL NATIONS OF THE EARTH BLESSED IN CHRIST, THE SEED OF ABRAHAM. A SERMON PREACHED AT BOSTON, AT THE ORDINATION OF THE REV. MR. JOSEPH BOWMAN, TO THE WORK OF THE GOSPEL-MINISTRY, MORE ESPECIALLY AMONG THE MOHAWK- INDIANS, ON THE WESTERN BORDERS OF NEW-ENGLAND. Boston: John Draper, 1762. [2],viii,48 (of 50)pp. Concerns the missionary activity among western Indians sponsored by the Society for the Propagating Christian Knowledge. Chauncy rails against the "popish corruption" to which the Indians have been subjected, and calls for further missionary work, especially among the Mohawks. Much of the sermon is devoted to missionary work among the Indians. EVANS 9088. ESTC W37169. A nice collection of early American sermons by this important New England minister.

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