Boston: Printed and Sold by the Booksellers, [1759]. [24]pp., including a woodcut on the first page. Stitched. Title and last page soiled. Interior text clean. A very good copy. Item #WRCAM41189A

An early almanac by one of the most prolific almanac makers in colonial America. Ames' run of almanacs predated Benjamin Franklin's POOR RICHARD'S by eight years. Ames had a long and notable career, producing popular and highly-regarded almanacs for more than fifty years. The woodcut is decorative, illustrations of the four seasons surrounding the signs of the zodiac, which form a circle around the date "1760." The final three pages are a poem describing General Wolfe's death at the battle for Quebec: "O WOLFE immortal Hero, tho' now fall'n / Thy Name shall live for ever in our Breasts. / Shall We, or envy or condole thy Fate? / Like Him of Gaza, conqu'ring in thy Fall / Gaining the greatest Vict'ry at thy Death." This copy is widely agreed to have been pirated, despite a long note to the reader on its first page claiming to be the original almanac. The note reads: "N.B. As some of the printers of the town of Boston seem determin'd to impose on the publick: - This is to inform, that to the great abuse of Dr. Ames, and the publick, they have printed almanacks for 1760, & affix'd the Doctor's name to the same, that differ in a scandalous manner...and that great care has been taken to correct this edition from the errors they have made in said almanacs...." NAIP lists the printer as D. & J. Kneeland and refers to an Advertisement which Ames placed in the BOSTON GAZETTE on December 17th, 1759 in which he repudiated the Kneeland's claim of authenticity. EVANS 8295. DRAKE 3119. NAIP w022453.

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