[Np, but probably Holland. nd, but 17th century, after 1664]. Engraving, 12 x 7 1/2 inches. Old crease mark across lower left corner, closely trimmed at upper left margin of print. Remnant of tape in upper right corner. A good copy. Item #WRCAM36120

A fine engraving of an American Indian family consisting of a father, mother, and baby. The man, dressed in decorated shoes, leggings, and cape, is holding a bow and arrow and carries a quiver. The woman, carrying the child at her breast, is also handsomely dressed and is wearing jewelry on her wrists, arms, and across her chest. Although the natives are identified as being from Canada, a palm tree is in the background. The engraving is derived from an illustration originally published in François Du Creux's HISTORIAE CANADENSIS, published in Paris in 1664. The work from which this particular print derives is presently unknown, although the artist and engraver are identified, respectively, as A.a. Diepenbeck and A. Melaer, and "fol. 405" is engraved in the upper left corner. A delightful European representation of an Indian family, most probably produced before 1700.

Price: $850.00