[Chaumont & Paris]: Published by Authority, 1814. 13,13,13,15,39pp. Five documents bound in a single volume. Modern three- quarter leather, preserving contemporary marbled boards. Occasional contemporary marginalia. Internally clean. Very good. Item #WRCAM26254

The first three are Post-Napoleonic Wars treaties ensuring the balance of power in Europe, or, in the treaties' words a "defensive alliance having for its object to maintain the equilibrium of Europe.. and to prevent the invasions which during so many years have desolated the world..." All phrased in the same way, all in parallel columns of French and English. The first three treaties are: A TREATY OF UNION, CONCERT AND SUBSIDY, BETWEEN HIS BRITANNIC MAJESTY AND THE EMPEROR OF ALL THE RUSSIAS. A TREATY OF UNION, CONCERT AND SUBSIDY, BETWEEN HIS BRTANNIC MAJESTY AND HIS IMPERIAL AND ROYAL APOSTOLIC MAJESTY THE EMPEROR OF AUSTRIA. A TREATY OF UNION...BETWEEN HIS BRITANNIC MAJESTY AND HIS MAJESTY THE KING OF PRUSSIA. The British interactions with France are more complicated. There is a convention to stop the warfare and lay the groundwork for the treaty, and then the treaty itself. This treaty is long and clears up the finer points of the wars (boundaries, etc.). It provides for the exile of Napoleon and the restoration of the Bourbons to the throne. It ends hopefully: "The two High Contract Parties, desiring to establish the most friendly relations between Their respective subjects... promise to come to a mutual understanding and arrangement as soon as possible...." The final two agreements are: CONVENTION FOR A SUSPENSION OF HOSTILITIES WITH FRANCE. DEFINITIVE TREATY OF PEACE AND AMITY BETWEEN HIS BRITANNIC MAJESTY AND HIS MOST CHRISTIAN MAJESTY.

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The Treaties Ending the Napoleonic Wars