Dec. 1, 1830. Singed note sheet, 5 x 7 inches. Mounted (at corners only) onto thick paper stock. Old crease marks. Overall very good. Item #WRCAM24089

A curious autograph note from Cobbett, transmitting an article or some piece of intelligence that was apparently some matter of urgency to him. The text of the note is as follows: "Dear Sir, / The enclosed, with the request of the petitioners, that I would give it to some one to present immediately, I got an hour ago; and I send it to you begging you to present it to-night, if possible, or, at latest, to-morrow night. / Your most ob. svt. / Wm. Cobbett. / P.S. I shall deem it a grand favour if you will cause it to be read at length."

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