BILLY PATTISON [caption title].

London: H. Disley, [nd. but ca. 1850]. Single sheet, about 4 x 10 inches. Some slight marginal dustiness. Else very good. Item #WRCAM23859

British song sheet with Black minstrel theme and song. With woodcut vignette of a Black man with pipe. "Oh, white folks listen unto me, / Oh, Billy Pattison, / The subject of my story, I'll tell unto thee, / Don't tell me, don't tell me, / The name of my song I'll tell unto thee, / Is oh, Billy Pattison... / Billy Pattison, good- bye, / I think your horse will die, / If he don't I'll ride again. / If he dies I'll tan his hide. / I'll lay ten dollars down, / I'll leave it in my will, / Show me the man in this yer town, / That struck my brother Bill."

Price: $100.00