San Juan. 1913-1932. Nine separate titles, bound together. Individual details of each imprint are provided below. Half contemporary red calf and marbled boards, brown calf corners, spine gilt. Boards and spine worn, corners bumped, edges chipped. All pamphlets have front wrapper but lack rear wrapper. Most pamphlets have evidence of previous center folds. Some foxing and tanning, but usually due to offsetting from wrappers. Overall very good. Item #WRCAM55116

A well-preserved collection of pamphlets covering a variety of Puerto Rican legal issues. In the early twentieth century, Puerto Rico was in the process of transitioning from U.S. military rule to civilian government (albeit limited popular at first), following the passage of the Foraker Act (or Organic Act) in 1900. The United States created a House of Representatives, appointed a governor and resident commissioner (a non-voting member of the U.S. House), and established a Supreme Court to bring Puerto Rico into alignment with the American judicial system. It was not until 1917, with the passage of the Jones-Shafroth Act, that Puerto Ricans were granted American citizenship. Jones-Shafroth also established the Puerto Rican Senate, a bill of rights, and authorized election of the resident commissioner by popular vote. These pamphlets effectively capture part of the history of Puerto Rican officials creating their own government. Notably, the earliest pamphlet deals with educating and accrediting lawyers; the others address medicine, public education, workers' compensation, public utilities, and banking. The banking pamphlets are from 1931-32 when Puerto Rico, along with the rest of the world, was in the midst of the Great Depression. The pamphlets in this volume, in the order in which they are bound, are as follow: 1) Asociación Protectora de Préstamos Sobre Hogares de Puerto Rico: LEY PARA CREAR BANCOS FEDERALES DE PRÉSTAMOS SOBRE HOGARES. San Juan, [1932]. 21pp. A Spanish translation of the U.S. "Federal Home Loan Bank Act" (H.R. 12280, Public No. 304, July 22, 1932). 2) [Cámara de Representantes]: REGLAMENTO DE LA CÁMARA DE REPRESENTANTES DE PUERTO RICO, 1931. San Juan: Negociado de Materiales, Imprenta, y Transporte, 1932. 21pp. Sets forth the most recent updates to the regulations and bylaws governing Puerto Rico's House of Representatives. 3) REGLAS Y REGLAMENTO DE LA COMISIÓN DE SERVICIO PÚBLICO, APROBADO OCTUBRE 27 DE 1917, SEGUN FUE ENMENDADO EN ABRIL 5 DE 1921. San Juan: Negociado de Materiales, Imprenta, y Transporte, 1931. 14pp. Rules and regulations for Puerto Rico's Commission on Public Service, one of the oldest regulatory bodies in the territory, which oversees utilities and shipping, among other territory-wide services. 4) REGLAMENTO PARA EL EXAMEN DE ASPIRANTES AL EJERCICIO DE LA ABOGACÍA, APROBADO POR EL TRIBUNAL SUPREMO DE PUERTO RICO... PROGRAMAS DEL PRIMERO, SEGUNDO Y TERCER CURSOS APROBADO POR EL TRIBUNAL SUPREMO DE PUERTO RICO.... [San Juan: Bureau of Supplies, Printing, and Transportation, 1914]. 149pp. Establishes requirements for individuals aspiring to practice law in Puerto Rico, including minimum qualifications to stand for the bar examination, and topics to be covered in law school curriculum. Only one copy in OCLC, at Universidad Interamericana de Puerto Rico. OCLC 991971626. 5) Board of Medical Examiners: LAW AND REGULATIONS / LEY Y REGLAMENTO, OCTOBER 1932. San Juan: Negociado de Materiales, Imprenta, y Transporte, 1932. 64pp. In English and Spanish, this pamphlet reprints the Act regulating the practice of medicine in Puerto Rico, and sets forth the standards for examination, licensing, educational requirements, etc. 6) A. Andino López, compiler. LEYES ESCOLARES DE PUERTO RICO, BAJO LA DIRECCIÓN DEL DEPARTAMENTO DE INSTRUCCIÓN, OCTUBRE, 1927. San Juan: Negociado de Materiales, Imprenta, y Transporte, 1927. 101pp. Sets out current laws governing public education in Puerto Rico, including hiring and training of educators, salaries for teachers, and provisions for alternative learning initiatives. Four copies in OCLC: NYPL, Library of Congress, Univ. of Cincinnati, Universidad de Puerto Rico. OCLC 16162690. 7) Departamento del Trabajo, Comision Industrial: REGLAMENTO PARA LA APLICACIÓN DE LA LEY INDEMNIZACIONES POR ACCIDENTES DEL TRABAJO. San Juan: Negociado de Materiales, Imprenta, y Transporte, 1931. 15pp. Explains recent legislation regarding compensation for work-related accidents and injuries. 8) Senado de Puerto Rico: RESOLUCION CONCURRENTE SOBRE ENMIENDAS Y ADICIÓN DE DETERMINADOS ARTÍCULOS A LA LEY ORGÁNICA EN VIGOR, Y OTROS DOCUMENTOS CUYA IMPRESIÓN HA SIDO ACORDADA POR EL SENADO DE PUERTO RICO. San Juan: Negociado de Materiales, Imprenta, y Transporte, 1925. 51pp. Concurrent resolutions, comments, and other documents approved by the eleventh Asamblea Legislativa and Primer Legislatura Ordinaria related to Jones-Shafroth (here also referred to as the Organic Act). Only one copy in OCLC, at Universidad de Puerto Rico en Cayey. OCLC 1089551811. 9) Asociación, Fondo de Ahorro y Préstamo de los Empleados: INFORME DE LAS ACTIVIDADES DE LA ASOCIACIÓN DURANTE EL AÑO FISCAL 1930-31, COMPILACION DE LAS LEYES 52 DE 1921, 96 DE 1925, 15 DE 1927, 85 DE 1931 Y LA RESOLUCIÓN CONJUNTA NO. 39 DE 1929 SOBRE INTERESES. San Juan: Negociado de Materiales, Imprenta, y Transporte, 1931. 25,[2]pp. Fiscal year activity report of the Employee Savings and Loan Fund Association, along with reprints of several banking laws. These pamphlets are uncommon; this is the first time we have handled any of these titles. We only found three in OCLC, two of them being sole copies. We could find no records of them at auction or in the marketplace.

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Organizing Puerto Rico's Civic Society in the Early Decades of American Rule