[Various locations in Mexico, but mostly Mexico City]. 1839-1854. Nineteen pamphlets. All but one pamphlet in original wrappers, all bound together in 20th- century brown half calf and textured cloth, spine gilt. Mexican binder's ticket on front pastedown. Minor dust-soiling. Near fine. Item #WRCAM54952

A collection of pamphlets relating to private monopoly contracts for tobacco production issued by the Mexican government. Up through the eighteenth century the Spanish crown imposed a monopoly on the production of tobacco, and it was a rich source of income for the government. After independence the Mexican government, often faced with huge debts, attempted to draw upon the tobacco industry for more revenues. Some pamphlets address taxes on the industry to help fund conflicts with Texas and the United States. The title of the fourth pamphlet here ends with such a reference: "...Y ARBITRIOS PARA LA GUERRA DE TEJAS...." This part of the title refers to using excise taxes for a "war with Texas." The titlepage of the sixth and seventh pamphlets also end with a reference to Texas, referring to "guerra" or "campaña" against Texas. As Streeter suggests, these references to conflicts with Texas were most likely included by the Mexican government in order to stoke the patriotic spirit of the Mexican people. Streeter owned two of these three pamphlets that mention Texas and included them in his Texas bibliography. He described their origin: "[These pamphlets] have to do with the proposal to the Mexican Congress early in the year 1841, by a group known as Comisiones Unidas de Hacienda y Tejas, of a law, as described in the title, to help remedy the then deplorable state of Mexican government finances. Though the Federalist revolt under Canales, in which the Texans were prominent, had been put down the previous fall and the Texan Sante Fe Expedition was not to start until June, the 'war with Texas' was used by the Mexican government as a battle cry in their campaign for increased revenues." The pamphlets are bound in chronological order, as follows: 1) MOTIVOS QUE JOSE MARIANO CAMPOS...RENUNCIA QUE HIZO DE LA ADMINISTRACION DE LA FABRICA DE TABACOS LABRADOS. Mexico. 1889 [i.e. 1839]. 51,[1]pp. Dated 1839 on the front wrapper, but 1889 on the titlepage. With a manuscript note on the verso of the titlepage signed by Campos and dated April, 1840. OCLC lists a single copy, at Tulane (misdating the publication as 1889). OCLC 17683943. 2) CONTRATA DE TABACOS...DE LOS DISTRITOS DE ORIZAVA Y CÓRDOVA. Orizava. 1839. 19pp. OCLC lists two copies, at the British Library and the Staats & Universitatsbibliothek Hamburg. OCLC 562610160, 255545156. 3) ARTICULO EDITORIAL DEL DIARIO DEL SUPREMO GOBIERNO...EN ARRENDAMIENTE EL ESTANCE DEL TABACO. Mexico. 1840. 21pp. No copies in OCLC. 4) OBSERVACIONES SOBRE EL ANÁLISIS QUE HAN FORMADO LOS SEÑORES LEBRIJA Y BARRERA, DEL PROYECTO RELATIVO A LA AMORTIZACION DEL COBRE, RENTA DEL TABACO, Y ARBITRIOS PARA LA GUERRA DE TEJAS POR LA IMPRESA DEL TABACO. Mexico. 1841. 23pp. Just three copies in OCLC, at Yale, the Bancroft Library, and the University of Texas. STREETER TEXAS 965.1. OCLC 16968885. 5) INFORME DE LA EMPRESA DE TABACOS AL PÚBLICO. Mexico. 1841. 38pp. Only one copy in OCLC, at the Bancroft Library. OCLC 20138148. 6) ESPOSICION DE LA JUNTA DIRECTIVA DEL...RENTA DEL TABACO...PARA LA CAMPAÑA DE TEJAS. Mexico, 1841. 26pp. No copies in OCLC. Not in Streeter TEXAS. 7) CONTESTACION DE LA JUNTA DIRECTIVA DEL BANCO NACIONAL DE AMORTIZACION...ADMINISTRACION DE LA RENTA DEL TABACO Y AUSILIOS PARA LA GUERRA DE TEJAS. Mexico. 1841. 42pp. STREETER TEXAS 965.11. OCLC lists seven copies, five of them in the United States (at the Bancroft Library, Yale, the Lilly Library, the University of Texas, and University of Texas at Arlington). OCLC 16977022, 733625051, 970543583. 8) MEMORIA SOBRE EL RESTABLECIMIENTO Y PROGRESOS DE LA RENTA DEL TABACO. Mexico. 1841. 56pp. Only two copies in OCLC, at the Bancroft Library and the University of Texas. OCLC 27042820, 16968891. 9) REPLICA DE LEBRIJA Y BARRERA...DE LA RENTA NACIONAL DEL TABACO. Mexico. 1841. 40pp. Six copies in OCLC, at Yale, the Bancroft Library, the New York Public Library, DeGolyer Library, University of Texas, and University of Texas at Arlington. Not in Streeter TEXAS, but related to Streeter TEXAS 965.10. OCLC 2551868. ARENTS 1444. 10) REGLAMENTO QUE DEBE REGIR AL COMUN DE COSECHERO DE TABACO DE DISTRITO DE CÓRDOVA. Mexico. 1845. 19pp. 16mo. Listed in OCLC, but no locations give. OCLC 83320839. 11) DEMOSTRACION DE LOS TERMINOS EN QUE HA OBTENIDO LA RENTA DEL TABACO. Mexico. 1846. [2],10pp. 12mo. Only two copies in OCLC, at the New York Public Library and the Bancroft Library. OCLC 20128396. 12) ORDENANZA DE LA RENTA DEL TABACO. Mexico. 1846. 90,[22]pp. OCLC records just two copies, at Columbia University Law School and Duke University. OCLC 25021398. 13) MANIFIESTO QUE HACE EL GEFE DE ESCUADRA GRADUADO C. TOMAS MARIN...EL REMATE PÚBLICO DE LOS TABACOS. Orizava. 1847. 27pp. No copies in OCLC. 14) CONTRATO DE COMPAÑIA CELEBRADO POR EL SUPREMO GOBIERNO PARA LA ADMINISTRACION Y GIRO DE LA RENTA DEL TABACO. Mexico. 1848. 37pp. OCLC records five copies, at the University of Texas at San Antonio, the New York Public Library, Bancroft Library, University of Southern California, and University of Texas. OCLC 79722340, 10978939. 15) CONTRATA CELEBRADA POR LA DIRECCIÓN GENERAL DE LA COMPAÑIA DE LA RENTA DEL TABACO, CON LOS COSECHEROS DE LOS DISTRITOS DE ORIVAZA, CÓRDOVA Y JALAPA. Mexico. 1849. 25pp., plus errata slip. Just one copy in OCLC, at the New York Public Library. OCLC 32639372. 16) VINDICACION DEL ADMINISTRADOR PRINCIPAL DE RENTAS ESTANCADAS DEL ESTADO DE JALISCO D. JUAN ZENTENO. Guadalajara. 1849. 12pp. Lacks wrappers. No copies in OCLC. 17) INFORME DE LA DIRECCION GENERAL DEL TABACO, SOBRE LA QUEJA ELEVADA AL SUPREMO GOBIERNO POR LA DIPUTACION DE COSECHEROS DE ORIZAVA. Mexico. 1851. 16,[1]pp. "Communication from the tobacco administration concerning a dispute among the growers of Orizaba over the crop" - Arents. OCLC records just two copies, at the Bancroft Library and the British Library. OCLC 840437510. ARENTS 1545. 18) CONTRATA CELEBRADA POR EL SUPREMO GOBIERNO CON LOS COSECHEROS DE ORIZAVA, PARA LAS SIEMBRAS DE TABACO. Mexico. 1853. 26pp. Just one copy in OCLC, at the New York Public Library. OCLC 32639356. 19) CONTRATO DE ARRENDAMIENTO DE LA RENTA DEL TABACO. Mexico. 1854. 16pp. Old tideline in lower portion of text. OCLC lists just one copy, at the Bancroft Library. OCLC 54390163. A unique collection of pamphlets pertaining to Mexican tobacco production and the Mexican economy in the mid-19th century, most of them known in only a handful (if any) of copies.

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