Americana & Travel

Our Americana department features one of the best inventories in the world of printed and manuscript material relating to the entirety of the Western Hemisphere, from South America to the Arctic. Our emphasis rests upon what T.W. Streeter called "Americana Beginnings," and the frontier period, ranging from Jamestown through the 20th century.

We handle material beginning with the earliest mention of the discoveries in the New World up to the settlement of the Western States and Provinces. We maintain a particularly strong stock of Pacific Voyages, with special interest in the pictorial and cartographic literature. Our Natural History concerns rest primarily with the Americas, and with the Pacific region as well. Our inventory of European and Asian travel is more modest, but interesting and eclectic. A guide to Fifty Basic Reference Works on Americana may be accessed here.

Inquiries regarding our Americana inventory should be directed to Chris Finis at